Getting dirt and debris on a bike is inevitable, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t ways that riders can lessen their impact. By using items like a motorcycle cover and practicing these other tips, owners can make sure their ride looks as beautiful years down the road as it did when they rode it off the lot.


When the bike is not in use but it’s still a comfortable time of year, it has to be protected from the wind, rain, and other elements by covering it with a motorcycle cover from a reputable provider. In addition to simply covering a bike, owners will need to make sure their fuel is stabilized if they’re storing a bike for winter.


Every bike needs to be taken in for service to check to make sure the engine and internal parts are working properly. But the external parts of the bike should be addressed as well. When undergoing a service appointment, owners should ask technicians to examine the wheels to make sure there’s no corrosion, as well as the exhaust pipe, which may have become stained by mud or oil. Factory-trained technicians can recommend products that can help protect these particularly hard-worked parts of the bike.


When washing a bike, riders should always wait for their bike to cool down before applying any water—cold water should never go on a hot engine. Also, salt corrosion can eat away at a bike’s finish; a silicone protection spray can keep the corrosion to a minimum. Lastly, overwashing a bike can actually remove lubricants that help the bike, so owners should keep the driveway washes to a minimum.

In addition to keeping your ride washed and clean, the first step to keeping a bike clean from dirt and debris should always be to keep it covered. At Tecumseh Harley-Davidson®, we carry quality cloth covers for different motorbikes. Cloth covers are essential when parking outdoors at any time since they protect the motorcycle from rain, blowing dirt, and bugs. Visit us to find the right cover for your bike.